Cummings Columns

DateTitleWomen in Column
20-Feb-97Meet three divine divas: Miss Rhapsody, `Sassy’ and WhitneyMiss Rhapsody
Sarah Vaughan
Whitney Houston
27-Feb-97Tales of men and women who made a real difference in their communityClara Dasher
6-Mar-97Another four who stood for somethingConnie Woodruff
Gigi Foushee
5-Jun-97Roots of the Portuguese in Newark can be found in 3 from Old Guard Elvira Rodrigues
9-Apr-98From Cundict to Dodge to Wheatley: Women with the write stuffJemima Cundict
Elizabeth Clemantine Kinney
Amanda Minnie Douglas
Mary Mapes Dodge
Josephine Lawrence
Antoinette Scudder
Phillis Wheatley
16-Apr-98The diva, `Baby Snooks’ and Connie Jeritza, Brice and Francis were shining starsMaria Jeritza (Jedlitzka)
Fannie Brice (Baby Snooks)
Connie Francis (Concetta Franconero)
23-Apr-98Three goddesses of song and stage: Blaine, Moore and GaynorVivian Blaine
Gloria Gaynor
Melba Moore
29-Oct-98Rich Spanish influence runs deep in cityRamona Santiago
2-Mar-00Behind every successful city, there are many great womenLucy Stone
Mary Philbrook
Grace Baxter Fenderson
Amelia Berndt Moorfield
Vera McMillon
Mother Mary Xavier Mehegan
Lydia Young Hayes
Musette Brooks Gregory
Stella Wright
Gladys Churchman
Louise Shugard
9-Mar-00Newark’s trailblazing heroines shaped the city’s futureJennie E. Precker
Beatrice Alice Hicks
Dr. Eva Topkins Brodkin
Mlle. Virginie de Launa
Mina C. Van Winkle
Sgt. Etta Fallon
Clara Maass
Beatrice Winser
16-Mar-00Noted Newarkers’ philanthropy kept cultural flame burningMary Nimmo Moran
Mary Mapes Dodge
Harriet Stratemeyer Adams
Amanda Minnie Douglas
Theresa Grotta
Fannie Rippel
Caroline Bamberger Frank Fuld Mrs. Parker O. Griffith
28-Dec-00DelTufo family distinguished by public service Elizabeth Burke (Liz DelTufo)
30-May-02Women helped guide city’s progress from the startElizabeth Swain
Mary H. Plume
Matilda Currier,
Leila Gardner
Theresa Grotta
Katherine Coffey
Edith H. Kreutzinger
Theresa Kraker Guthrie
Sarah Vaughn
Mary T. Washington
Emma H. Bragan
Mrs. Robert O. Bentley
6-Jun-02Meet the exemplary women who enriched the citySophie E. Cooper
Olive Remington Goldman
Musette Brooks Gregory
Caroline Bamberger Frank Fuld
Mrs. George Barker
Margaret Douglas Haines
Florence Peshine Eagleton
Mrs. Charles R. Hedden
Mrs. William Hamilton Osborne
Rose Danzis Parsonnet
Sgt. Etta Fallon
Pryno B. Hillman
Eloise F. Gehin.
13-Jun-02From writers to singers, these women enriched cityRuth St. Denis
Kate L. Roberts
Fannie Estelle Traphagen Rippel
Louise D. Shugard
Myrtle Malcolm Borton
Peggy Gallagher Carlin
Yanka Gross
Josephine Lawrence
Stella Windsor Wright
Elsie Soper Illingworth
Bariette Gless Barkhorn
Alice W. Kendall
Connie Francis
Whitney Houston
20-Jun-02Women who made their mark on cityJessie L. Creamer Cone
Elsa Greenwood
Miriam Van Arsdale Studley
Sarah Kussy
Rose Kussy
Geraldine G. (Gigi) Foushee
Mary Mapes Dodge
Julia E. Sabine
Caroline E. Condict
Mrs. Parker O. Griffith
Melba Moore
Gertrude Witherspoon Scudder
Mary Allison Beasley Burch
Beatrice Winser
27-Jun-02Famous women helped write the city’s historyMinnie Reynolds
Majorie Fredericks
Ann Van Wagenen Plume
Mary Kelley Howard
Mary Depue Ogden
Alice Kirkpatrick
Mrs. John J. Connelly
Julia H. Nichols
Emma Oschwald
Margaret E. White
Madame Maria Jeritza (Jedlitzka)
Jennie Reich Danzis
14-Apr-2005Accomplished Women Fill Ranks of PioneersEffa Manley
Beatrice Winser
Clara Maass
Elizabeth Swaine
Ann Van Wagenen Plume
Elizabeth Carteret
Elizabeth Blume-Silverstein
28-Apr-2005Women Etched Their Name Into History As ArtistsMary Moran
Esther Burr
Phillis Wheatley Club
Katherine Coffey
Clara Zahn