Mary Boland

c. 1950- Director of the AIDs program at the Children’s Hospital of New Jersey in Newark. She co-founded the program … More

Anna (Annie) T Nivison

1835-1920 An 1868 graduate of the New York Medical College for Women, Annie T Nivison opened “The Homestead” a private … More

Susan Amelia Barnet

1814-1897 Born in Mendham but raised in Newark. Member of the first class of the New York Women’s Medical College, … More

Dr. Sarah D. Smalley

1875-1952 A native of Newark who practiced in Newark from 1901-1952. She was active in the Newark Equal Suffrage League … More

Dr. Rita Sapiro Finkler

1888-1968 Dr. Finkler established and headed the endocrinology department at Beth Israel Hospital. This was the first endocrinology department in … More

Dr. Anna M. Robinson Cross

1856-1925 Physician who traveled widely in the West and was very prominent in Crawford, Nebraska where she was a government … More

Christiana Oehler Trefz

1831-1913 Image from 1889 city atlas President and manager of the Christiana Trefz Brewing Company. She managed the company from … More

Bertha Rosenthal

1891-1957 Early College of Pharmacy graduate in 1909, “one of the youngest graduates of the college”. Only one other woman … More

Alma Beatty

1940-2015 Vice President of Community Affairs at Beth Israel. Beth Israel calls her “a trailblazer in our community”, She was … More

Irene E Morris

1900-1953 Born in Newark. Listed as a nurse in city directories from 1923. Appointed as a visiting nurse for the … More

Hamilton Family

Laura Bland Hamilton 1853-1952 Born into slavery in VA. Came to Newark after the Civil War with her sister and … More

Dr. Gertrude Ash Golat

c. 1909-1980 Graduate of University of Vienna Medical School, came to Newark in 1939. For 25 years worked as a … More

Esther Newman

c. 1883 – 1901 First woman graduate of the NJ College of Pharmacy along with Emma Egge. Graduated in April … More

Theresa Kraker Guthrie

c. 1889-1959 Lived in Newark from at least 1910. Founder of the Chronically Ill Service of Essex County. Board member … More

Bertell Collins Wright

1908-1993 President of the Essex County Tuberculosis League, based in Newark at 42 Park Place, sometimes called “Director of Negro … More

Mariana Higbie Barker

1880- April 24, 1967 Born in Newark, graduate of Smith College 1901. President of the Board of Babies Hospital. She … More

Dr. Eva Topkins Brodkin

1899-1994 First female dermatologist in New Jersey. Practiced in Newark from 1927 to 1977. Also chief of dermatology at St. … More

Jennie Reich Danzis

1875 – Sept 24, 1945 Wife of Max Danzis and was one of the founders of Beth Israel Hospital, with … More

Fannie Rosencrantz

1881-? Called by the Evening Star the first female dentist in Newark. Born in Russia. Graduated the Pennsylvania College of … More

Dr. Mildred Gregory

1884-1975 Raised in Newark. Graduated Wellesley and taught at Skidmore College until 1924. Then attended Columbia College of Physicians graduating … More

Dr. Eleanor Haines

1845-1924* First woman admitted to the Medical Society of NJ in 1876. Practiced in Newark for over 50 years. Affiliated … More

Rosamond Stewart Marrow

1903-1972 President of the Board of the Community Hospital (African American hospital, previously Kenney) in Newark. Also on the faculty … More

Eva Mae Mulford

c. 1884-1886 to 1944 Daughter of Clara Irene Mulford. Lived in family house at 41 Chestnut. Early African American nurse … More

Dr. Vera Schectman

1890-1971 Russian immigrant. Graduate of the Women’s Medical College of UPenn. The first woman doctor at Beth Israel Hospital in … More

Mabel F Thomas

1887-1974 Early female dentist in Newark. Worked for Dr. C A Spahn and then practiced on her own. She began … More

Eleanor E Hamilton (Kingsley)

1882-1956 Eleanor E Hamilton was superintendent and director of Presbyterian Hospital in Newark from at least 1927-1947. She was name … More

Aneatha Dames Todd

1918-1998 Active in the UMDNJ struggle, member of the Concerned Citizens of the College. Instrumental in organizing the Gladys Dickinson … More

Emma Ward Edwards

1845-1896 Emma Ward Edwards was one of the first woman doctors in NJ. Born in Newark, she graduated valedictorian of … More

Alice Bunce

1893-1970 Alice E. Bunce was the first African American woman to graduate from the New Jersey College of Pharmacy in … More

Dr. E. Mae McCarroll

1898-1990 Dr. E Mae McCarroll was the first American American physician at Newark City Hospital in 1946. She said she … More

Dr. Marie Louise Lefort

1874-1951 Newark native Dr Marie Lefort was the first woman appointed district physician for Newark from 1898-1902, significantly improving conditions … More

Clara Maas

1876-1901 Clara Maas was one of the first graduates of Newark German Hospital and was named head nurse at 21. … More