Anna (Annie) T Nivison


An 1868 graduate of the New York Medical College for Women, Annie T Nivison opened “The Homestead” a private hospital in Newark in 1872. It was at 565-567 Orange St and later 5 North 11th Street. It had 10 beds and her sister Mary Nivison served as the matron for several years. Several of her siblings were also in the medical field.

Anna wrote articles for journals throughout her career including on hysteria and metallic paralysis, linked below. She was treasurer of the New Jersey branch of the National Eclectic Medicine Association.

Anna gained some fame in 1908 when celebrated physician and scholar Alexander Wilder died at her home in Roseville: 5 North 11th St and later 96 South 11th St. It was written “all who loved our dear old doctor should be grateful to Dr. Nivison for the untiring devotion and care she gave him during the last years of his life.”

Anna lived in Newark from at least 1872-1910, almost 40 years, however, in old age she moved back to her birthplace of New York state and died there.


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