Ruth McClain Rambo


Ruth Rambo, known at the time as Ruth McClain, is a graduate of Fisk University. In the 1960s she took a job with the Urban League and became one of it’s first female directors. She was associate exec director and in 1975 sued the Essex Co. Urban League saying she was denied the Exec. Dir. position because she was a woman.

Later, she was deputy Director of Newark’s Comprehensive Manpower Delivery System and other roles with the city of Newark surrounding employment. She was vital to the work of the Business Coordinating Council (BICC) where she served as co-chairman and the Greater Newark Urban Coalition. She served on Mayor Gibson’s Committee of the Status of Women.

She also headed the 1977 NJ delegation to the National Women’s Conference and was an active feminist organizer for the ERA and other causes. She was secretary of the Women’s Political Caucus of NJ and President of 100 Women for Ingreity in Government.

After leaving Newark, Ruth worked for AARP in Washington DC and then traveled up and down the coast to decide where to retire. She decide on Charleston, SC where she remains active in the poetry society (photo thanks to South Carolina Poetry Society).


Poetry Society of South Carolina

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