Anna Lois Russ Jones


Mother of Amiri Baraka. Born in Alabama, lived in Newark from 1926. Attended Tuskegee, Fisk, and Shaw College.

Administrator for Community Hospital for many years. Community relations specialist for the Newark Housing Authority, later identified as “supervisor of community relations and social services” and associated with United Community Corp (1973). In 1968, she was elected to the Model Cities Committee. In 1969, she’s listed as a supporter of the Black and Puerto Rican Convention.

Heavily involved in education. In the Star Ledger she is listed on the Title 1 Advisory Committee for Robert Treat School (1971). In 1974 she is listed as an officer of the Newark Central Parents Council and she was an ESAA (Emergency School Aid Act). In 1980, she is listed as parent coordinator for the Special School Chorus of Newark. Later she is listed as a consultant or assistant to Newark’s Title One program. In 1985, she was sworn in as a member of the Child Placement Review Board of Essex County.

In 1973 she received a Woman of the Year award from Committee for a Unified Newark. In 1977, she was honored at a testimonial dinner. In 1982, she was honored by Project Pride.

In 1980, she was featured as one of Newark’s “glamourous grannies” which helped provide services and happiness to senior citizens.

A champion sprinter in college, considered one of the fastest women in nation. In 1981, she was featured by Barbara Kukla in a Ledger piece when she was inducted into the Tuskegee Institute Sports Hall of Fame.

Worked with the National Council for Negro Women, NAACP, League of Women Voters and Eleanor Roosevelt Workshop on Human Relations of the United Nations. In 1965, she is listed as a member of the Negro Assembly of Newark.

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