Delores Rich


President of the Aspen Riverpark Tenants Association, who did lots of organizing for tenants in the building. Tenants were forced out of the old Prudential Apartments to allow Aspen to renovate it. Delores and others organized to pressure the state to allow tenants to return and continually organized for better conditions in the building.

Delores helped initiate the Children’s Recreation Program at Aspen and helped organize a unique lead testing program bringing tests right to the building.

She was passionate about Newark writing to the Star Ledger in 1993 that she was “tired of all the negative comments” from “visitor working thieves”.

From Ironbound Voices, “Delores never gave up she didn’t stop to think about negative things she just looked for what she could do that would be positive…She’d joke her way out of tough times with her wonderful sense of humor….Once you met her you didn’t forget Dolores. She was smart as a whip and could see through any jive…She was a one of a kind person with a one of a kind style and grace.”


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