Marie Wolfs


Marie Wolfs was a Vice Principal of South Side High School for more than 30 years until her retirement in 1951. However, she had a very exciting life outside the school. In 1914, she and her sister Helen, who also worked at South Side, were caught in the bombing of Liege, Belgium. According to one friend, they escaped in a covered cheese cart.

Marie’s experience in Belgium encouraged her to go back to Europe in 1917 as leader of a Smith College alumni relief unit. They helped evacuate civilians and she received an award from the French government. The church bell in Grecourt, France was also christened in her honor.

Marie was also auxiliary historian of St. Barnabas and “a pillar” of the Guild of St. Barnabas which preceded the auxiliary. She was also very active in St. Andrews Church which helped found St. Barnabas. St. Barnabas honored her on her 100th birthday.

Marie lived at 910 South 16th Street and attended Smith College. Born in New York and lived there in 1900 but in Newark in 1905.


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