Dorothy Gould

1922 – 2015

Early Black teacher, hired in 1943 for $144 a month at Cleveland Junior High as a “permanent sub” since Black teachers couldn’t be officially hired above primary level. Later, principal at Montgomery Street School.

In 1980, she was made assistant executive superintendent of pupil services for the Board of Education. She retired in 1986.

Graduate of Charlton Street School, South Side High, and Upsala College.

She was a Girl Scout leader at the Friendly Fuld Neighborhood House; a founding member and trustee emerita of St. Philip’s Academy, Newark; a life member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, and received the “Newark Legends” tribute from the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. She was also a board member at Friendly Fuld and President of the Delta Sigma Theta North Jersey Chapter.

Her friend Bob wrote in the Calumet, in 2012:

You see Ms. Gould is the best kept secret in Newark to most people and to a select number of lucky ones she remains a mentor, advisor, dedicated educator, surrogate mother, and a respected member of her community. She lives by the statements “you must be accountable, kids come as is, and don’t ever mess with my kids.” She has never stopped giving and is the poster model for every person that says, “You must give back to your community.” This giving brings so much joy to her life, it probably is the best medicine she could ever get on a daily basis. Still sought after as a speaker and consultant in the community, her phone rings constantly with questions, concerns, and a desire to get her to relate her fascinating memories of years gone by. Although her vision has diminished greatly, her brain gets more exercise than her body now as she repeats many of her experiences as if they just happened yesterday. Even at age 90, she is wonderful example of keeping the mind functioning at a consistently high level. If awesome was as popular a word in her day as it is today, she would epitomize that word. She indeed is one of a kind and her mold will never be duplicated. She has positively affected tens of thousands of lives in the Newark community and it appears there is no end to this special gift that the good Lord has brought us.



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Dorothy Gould, Alumni Calumet, Summer 2012