Margaret Kidney


Lived to 103. Earned her own way after the death of her husband, when she was 35, by making clothes, which she embroidered. On the 1860 census her occupation is listed as “fancy store”.

Her daughter died when she was 60, after this she fostered many girls, which she attributed to keeping her young. “I just had to live to bring up the little girl [I adopted at 77]” she said. She was born in Passaic and lived in the house she had built at 125 N. 6th Street for at least 65 years, according to the Star.


Passing Hundred Year Mark Woman Cooks Own Meals and Forgets Her AgeStar Nov 28, 1913

Two Centenarians Women Quietly Celebrated ChristmasStar Dec 26, 1914

End Comes at 103 To Oldest ResidentNewark Evening News Feb 12, 1917

Census records