Curvin Family

The sisters of historian Robert Curvin. There were six daughters. They were born in Newark, but they grew up in Belleville. The family lived on Cottage Place and other addresses in Newark through at least 1930.

Jewel Curvin (featured image)


Associate producer for NBC from 1976-1986. Graduate of Rutgers Newark. Also worked at the US Information Services in Istanbul and died in Aberdeen. Member of the Oranges and Maplewood NAACP and New York CORE.

Hilda Johnson


One of Essex County’s first toll collectors. Active in Newark preschools. Active in civil rights, including the election of Ken Gibson.

Marion Gibson


A founder of the Newark Preschool Council. Worked for the Essex County Welfare Dept for 24 years.

The other three Curvin daughters are Dorothy Spears (c. 1924), Ermel Parker (c. 1932) and Helen Martin (c. 1940). Ermel was treasurer of CORE, 1966.


Hilda Johnson

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