Aileen Fong Shane

1926-2017 Born and raised in Newark’s Chinatown Aileen Fong Shane was an early woman engineer, graduating from Newark College of … More

Helen Pollard Zimmer

1910-1980 Corporate secretary (secretary/treasurer) of Fidelity Union Bank from 1964-1975, previously assistant secretary 1961-1964 and with Fidelity from 1956. First … More

Marion Roberson Kidd

1928-2012 Born in Newark. Worked 15 years with the North Jersey Community Union later named Newark Community Health Center, as … More

Dorothy Gould

1922 – 2015 Early Black teacher, hired in 1943 for $144 a month at Cleveland Junior High as a “permanent … More

Katherine Bell Banks

1912-2008 Photo from Vailsburg yearbook 1973. Born in Tennessee, the Banks family shared a home with the WEB Dubois family … More

Dr. Anna M. Robinson Cross

1856-1925 Physician who traveled widely in the West and was very prominent in Crawford, Nebraska where she was a government … More

Christiana Oehler Trefz

1831-1913 Image from 1889 city atlas President and manager of the Christiana Trefz Brewing Company. She managed the company from … More

Margaret Kidney

1814-1917 Lived to 103. Earned her own way after the death of her husband, when she was 35, by making … More

Patricia Curvin

1936- Wife of historian Robert Curvin. Nominated to Essex County Ethics Board in 1980. Trustee and VP of the Boys … More

Curvin Family

The sisters of historian Robert Curvin. There were six daughters. They were born in Newark, but they grew up in … More

Annette “Tony” O’Flaherty

1920-2000 Served in leadership roles in many social service organizations. Representative of the Congress of Industrial Organizations. Chairwoman of Human … More