Duryee Family

(Photo from FindAGrave, Mt. Pleasant Cemetery)

All heavily involved in missionary work – specifically the Women’s Board of Foreign Missions Reformed Church in America (WBFM of the RCA). Mary, Anna, Charlotte and Amy are sisters and Charlotte is their sister in law. They were very involved in North Reformed Church.

From at least 1900-1920 the three sisters Mary Anna and Amy lived at 30 Washington Place. In 1880 they lived at 40 Park Place. They grew up at the Rankin homestead at High and Springfield.

Duryee House, 1873 Atlas
30 Washington Place, 1901 Atlas

Mary Ogden Duryee


Lived most of her life in Newark. Corresponding secretary for China for the WBM of the RCA. In 1893, she wrote 5-7 letters a day as they raised funds for a school building. Fifty Years in Foreign Fields calls her “for years the corresponding secretary of the Women’s Board for China and the unfailing friend to all its work from the beginning.

Newark News Aug 25, 1923

Anna B. Duryee


Lived most of her life in Newark. First chosen manager (charter manager) for the WBFM of RCA, Newark, as well as first Recording Secretary.

Amy (Amanda) C. Duryee and Charlotte R Duryee

1859-1937 and 1848-1923

Other two sisters of Anna and Mary, also involved in Church and other causes. Both died in Summit but lived in Newark.

Charlotte Ward Nuttman Duryee


Born in Newark, lived in Jersey City after marriage. For nearly 8 years, corresponding secetary of the WBFM of RCA. “Greatly beloved by her associates on the Board and by missionaries in the field, valued for her sound judgement, her unfailing sympathy, her rare power of achieving results her name was given to the new Bible School…in memory of her efforts on its behalf”.

Susan Duryee (married name Famy or Fahmy), Lillian (Lily N) Duryee and Alice Duryee

(1865-1961), (1866-1950), (1878-1911)

All three daughters of Charlotte lived in China. All three were missionaries. However, they have little Newark connection as they grew up in Jersey City. Alice did live briefly with her three aunts in Newark. Alice tragically committed suicide on the boat back from China. Alice was a 1902 graduate of Smith College and listed at 30 Washington Place in the 1906 catalog and 1902 Yearbook.

1902 Smith Yearbook
Jersey Journal July 3, 1950
Lillian Duryee, Passport, 1919
New York Times, Nov 24, 1961


Chamberlain. Fifty Years in Foreign Fields.

New Mystery in Unexplained Death of WomanNewark Star Feb 1, 1911

“Duryee Sisters Doing Noble Work” Courier News July 22, 1905

Census records

Catalog of Officers, Graduates and Nongraduates of Smith College

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