Elizabeth Hardin Goss


Graduated Miss Townsend’s School in Newark and then went to Vassar where she broke the world record in shot put, as well as the basketball and baseball throw. Her shot put record would have won the gold medal at the Amateur Athletic Union championships in 1923-1925 and the 1932 Olympics!

After her marriage she was a golf champion in NJ. In 1926, she went to the finals of the Women’s Golf Association National Championship. In 1938, she won the NJ Woman’s Golf Association Championship. In 1951-1952, she was women’s metropolitan senior champion.

She was past president of the Women’s Metropolitan Golf Association and former member of the United States Golf Association’s Women’s Committee. She donated the “Elizabeth Goss Round Robin Tropy” in 1952 and the Elizabeth Goss Round Robin Tournament continues to this day.

She lived in Newark until seven years before her death at 667-669 Clifton Ave and 40 Mt. Prospect Pl.

“Although she died soon after the GSWGA was officially formed, her legacy lives on, not only through this championship but also by the honor Somerset Hills has bestowed upon her by hosting this event in her memory for its first 38 years and every 3rd year since then.” -Garden State Women’s Golf Association

Vassar Yearbook 1916
Vassar Yearbook 1916


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Elizabeth Goss Round Robin Tournament

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