Linda H. Morley and Adelaide C. Kight

1885-1972, 1889-1972

Linda Morley was head of the business branch of Newark Public Library after Sarah Ball and before Marian Manley from 1917(1919?)-1926. With Adelaide Kight she wrote “2400 business books and guide to business literature” (1920) and “Business books 1920-1926” (1927).

The Wilson Bulletin called Kight and Morley the “moving spirits of Newark’s Business Branch”.

In 1926, Morley became librarian of the Industrial Relations Counsellors, New York.

In 1930, they are living together in East Orange with Morley’s mother, listed as librarians. In 1940, they are listed as living together at the American Women’s Association Hotel in New York City, and their professions are still librarians. In 1950, they are living together in New York City and Morley’s profession is listed as “Historical Research” with Kight listed as “Partner”. By 1959, they both lived in Dobbs Ferry, presumably together.

Morley was vice president of the Special Libraries Association from 1924-1925. Both continued to be involved in the Special Libraries Association for many years.

In 1959 Morley received an honor from the Special Libraries Association. Morley and Kight wrote or contributed to several other publications over the years. In 1964 they wrote, “Mailing List Directory and Classified Index to Trade Directories”.

Both died in 1972 in Trumbull, CT where they were living at St. Joseph’s Manor (Adelaide March, Linda August), and are buried in Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia, both in section 340I. Kight was born in England, Morley in PA. When Kight was naturalized in 1934, Morley was a witness.

While we obviously don’t know the sexuality of Morley and Kight, the fact that they lived together for over 20 years is suggestive and more research is needed.


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