Wynona Moore Lipman

1923* -1999

Though Lipman is well known as a Senator, some of her early accomplishments are lesser known. She got a Fulbright scholarship at a young age, was a professor at Morehouse in French, starting in 1945, and taught Martin Luther King.

Born Evelyn Wynona Moore in Georgia, Wynona married interracially when it was illegal in Georgia (while in France on her Fulbright).

Wynona was the first black woman in the NJ State Senate. She moved to Newark in 1973, to run for the 29th district Senate seat and was reelected through 1997. She advocated for women’s’ and family causes.

Wynona was an associate professor of business and politics at Essex County College. She died in Newark in 1999. Mayor James said on her death that in her life she had “tremendous personal and public accomplishment”.

Photo from Newark Library.

*Senator Lipman never disclosed her age. The NJ State record has her birth date as 1931, but she is shown on the 1930 census 8 years old and 1923 is the birth date consensus from scholars.


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