Eloise Frazer Gehin


Leader in the Republican Party. First woman to serve as Vice Chairman of the Essex County Republican Committee (1920) and first Essex woman member of the Republican State Committee (1921). Active in the General Wood Campaign Committee. President of the Calvin Coolidge Club (founded 1924). Essex Chairman of the Landon volunteers (1936). President and head of the Essex County Women’s Republican Club. Represented NJ on the Committee for the 13th Annual Luncheon National Women’s Republican Club. Chairman of the Newark Republic Executive Committee Association.

Raised $13,000 for the Contemporary fund, chairman of the Contemporary Club’s legislative committee. Treasurer of the Women’s Auxiliary for the Home for Crippled Children. Active in the Liberty Loan campaigns and treasurer of the Newark Red Cross.

In 1935, the City Commission attempted to build a new 3 million dollar City Hospital and Eloise led the fight against the plan.


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