Rose Danzis Parsonnett

c. 1900-2003

Duaghter of Max Danzis, a founder of Beth Israel Hospital and Jennie Danzis. Attended South Side High School and Wellesley College. Supporter of music and the arts.

Wellesley College Yearbook 1921

Taught piano, active in the NJ League of Women Voters, and President of the NJ Chapter of the National Council for Jewish Women.

Served as a nurses aide during WWII at Beth Israel.

Performed as part of the Arion Trio on piano in the 1930s. Established a music school with Arthur Mendel that lasted until WWII. Continued to accompany music students in recitals until she was 88. Instituted an annual chamber music series for the YMHA.

Also known for outstanding needlework in later years.


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