Marie Antoinette Quinby


Born at Park Place, Newark, died in Newark. Attended school at St. Mary’s in Burlington, NJ.

Lee wrote, “Beautiful in person with a fine mind and charming manners she was a leader in society for many years. . Intense patriotism was her ruling passion, and with all the power of her intellect, and personal sacrifice, she materially aided many a good and noble work. “

Managed or on the board of various organizations include the Colonial Dames and the Daughters of the American Revolution. Represented women’s interests in NJ at the 1892 World’s Fair. Helped raise funds for a relief ship during the Spanish American War. President of a section of the Army and Navy Relief Society.

She founded the Women’s Branch of the NJ Historical Society. On her death Mrs. Thomas Craven said in a Memorial Address, “Truly she was a leader. Go was not her watchword but Come and all followed proud to be associated with her in the work that stands as a monument to her today.” The Women’s Branch helped with membership and collection. The Board of Trustees wrote that “her counsel was always sought and always respected.” She left a legacy of $2000 to the Historical Society.


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