Kate Louise Roberts


Editor of Hoyt’s New Cyclopedia of Practical Quotations. She got the job through JK Hoyt editor of the Newark Daily Advertiser who was a family friend. Her first publication was in 1922. She also worked in the Newark Public Library reference section under Frank Hill and John Cotton Dana for 15 years, mentioned as a particular assistant to Dana in Made in Newark. Dana made her chief of club activities. She was a member of the Contemporary Club. Cummings says she was popular as a “walking encyclopedia”. She wrote several other items such as The Club Woman’s Handybook of Programs and Club Management. She was a contributor to the editorial pages of the Newark newspapers and a column she wrote for the New York Times defending Dana can be read online with a subscription. One article purported, “Only Whos Who in Newark Defends Flappers: Miss Kate Louise Roberts…Says Use of Lipstick, Rouge, Powder is No Ones Business But Owner of Face”.

You can also read several items in the Newark News:

Letter to the Editor, pg 9

Letter to the Editor, pg. 7

Kate moved to Newark (according to Cummings) as a child or was born in Newark (Shales). Her parents were English immigrants. She graduated Newark Normal School. She died in Los Angeles County in 1941. She was related to the famous Chippendale family.


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