Ramona Santiago

c. 1952-

Photo from Newark Library.

Ramona Santiago was appointed deputy mayor in 1994. Her grandfather came from Spain to Newark in 1914. She operated the Santiago Funeral Home of Lafayette Street saying at appointment, “I’m raising my two children here and I want to see a better life for them and all children”.

She had already served on the Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women and the Ironbound Ambulance Squad board.

Later she was appointed as the third Hispanic municipal judge in 1998 (she was briefly appointed in 1994, but couldn’t stay on due to a new state law). She was appointed to the Superior Court in 2003

Santiago lived in Newark as a child before moving to Colonia in 1964. Santiago was Miss Middlesex County in 1973 when she was living in Colonia. She went to Upsala College and the McAllister School of Funeral Services. Her parents were chiropractors who died in a 1993 car accident.


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