Martha Belle Williams


With M. Bernadine Johnson Marshall, first African American woman admitted to the New Jersey Bar. From Montclair but attended Essex Junior College and New Jersey Law School in Newark. Served her clerkship at the offices of Sidney G. Grover in Newark. In January 1967 was appointed an associate attorney at Essex Legal Services, and in 1968 senior attorney at the Montclair Office of Essex County Legal Services. She was also associated with J Mercer Burrell of Newark, and also practiced in Montclair and Jersey City.

She was a member of the NAACP, National Council of Negro Women and League of Women Voters. Other jobs in Newark including substitute teaching for the Newark schools, inspector for the Newark United States Signals Corps, and clerk in the Newark Post Office.


A History of Remarkable Women Rutgers

Scarlet and Black: Vol 3

“Noted Lawyer Dies, 45” Montclair Times Jun 5, 1969

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