Elizabeth Blume-Silverstein


Photo from Rutgers.

Born in Newark. Graduated the New Jersey Law School in Newark in 1911 (just a year after the first woman graduate Laura Mayo Wilson), but could not practice until she turned 21. In 1913, admitted as an attorney and in 1917 as a counselor.

She was the first female lawyer in NJ to represent a murder defendant without assistance – Orazio Ricotta (Recotta) who she defended successfully She was also the first woman on the US Draft Board, serving in Essex County in 1918. In 1921, she was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court. In 1932, she was the first woman from the 12th district elected to the Republican Convention. Handled more than 5,000 cases in her career.

VP of the Woman Lawyer’s Association, first woman member of the Essex County Legal Advisory Board and Essex County Bar Association. Member of the Women’s Political Union and League of Woman Voters. Elected to the American Jewish Congress 1916 and 1923.

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