Ann VanWagenen Plume & Nancy Vischer Plume

1752-1816 and Bef. 1710-Aft. 1710

Photo of Plume House from LOC.Gov

Ann VanWagenen Plume was married to Isaac Plumne. It is said that during the Revolutionary War, Hessians began destroying her property. She got so angry, the soldiers retreated. A few days later, she found a Hessian soldier in her ice house and trapped him inside. She gave him to the Continental Army as a prisoner.

Nancy Visher Plume is named as the builder of the Plume House, that still stands in Newark in some family records. Who is Nancy Vischer Plume? Her position in the Plume Family is uncertain. The Plume House is said to have been built around 1710. Ann’s mother’s maiden name is also Vischer but she married a VanWagenen. Nancy Plume is called “Aunt Nancy” in some references so perhaps she is an aunt of Ann and Isaac Plume.


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