Pauline Louisa Mars Baxter

Aug 1857 – Dec 14 1924

Wife of James Baxter Principal of the Colored School. Born to a prominent family, graduated the School of Design of the Cooper Institute and was frequently employed on designs for illustrated papers. The New York Globe says she was the “first colored lady” to “receive a diploma from that institution”. She graduated in 1871. In 1875, National Republican wrote, “Miss Pauline Mars is very highly esteemed by the elite of this country as a refined and accomplished lady”.

Founding member of the Phillis Wheatley Literary Society, served in several officer roles.

Appointed in 1912 to a commission to arrange the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation for NJ as an Assistant Organizer paid $75/month, after taking a competetive Civil Service exam. She spoke this same year at a dinner of the New Jersey Democratic League.

In 1917 when the Negro Welfare League (later Urban League) was founded in Newark she was on the Board of Directors.

In 1918 appointed Juvenile Delinquent Inspector in the Negro Welfare Bureau of the Department of Labor. Later that year she was said to be investigating the housing conditions in Newark. She was also on the executive board of the New Jersey Prison Reform Association.

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