Mina C. Ginger Van Winkle


Well known suffragist. Her mother Hilda is listed in Newark from at least 1889 (“H Ginger, watches”). She graduated the New York School of Philanthropy in 1905. She did lots of work with the Bureau of Associated Charities and was appointed matron of the City Home Girls School in 1902.

Delight Dodyk claimed that, “Van Winkle brought diversity to the New Jersey movement and provided a place in the movement for women who chose to put their energies toward achieving a federal constitutional amendment.” 

In 1906 married Abraham C. Van Winkle, a much older businessman. In 1908, she founded  Equality League of Self-Supporting Women, which later became Women’s Political Union of New Jersey, headquartered in Newark at 79 Halsey St.

In 1915, the WPUNJ merged with the New Jersey Woman Suffrage Association and Mina was no longer president. In 1918, she accepted a job with the federal government and moved to Washington DC. She died in NJ in 1933.


Mrs. Van Winkle and Suffrage Torch

Biographical Sketch of Mina C. Van Winkle

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