Eva Mae Mulford

c. 1884-1886 to 1944

Daughter of Clara Irene Mulford. Lived in family house at 41 Chestnut.

Early African American nurse associated with the Newark Board of Health. She was appointed in late 1917 or early 1918, it was reported in the Jan 1918 The Crisis. Mulford made 209 visits” regarding tuberculosis. She served at the Base Hospital in Camp Dix during the Spanish Flu pandemic.

From 1917-1928 she’s listed as a Health Nurse / Field Nurse / Visiting Nurse in the Tuberculosis Division. She is listed on the Transactions for the National Tuberculosis Association in 1922. Her salary in 1920 is $1080-$1224.

The 1919-1920 Journal of the National Medical Association states, “the city of Newark…has placed its colored tuberculosis clinic under the direction of Dr. W. H. Green. The extension work is carried out by Miss Mae Mulford, R. N.”

After this the reports stop listing staff.

By the 1938 city directory, she’s still listed as a Nurse employed 94 William St which was the Newark City Dispensary / part of the Health Department. The 1947 City Directory states she died Mar 30, 1944 at age 58, one year before her mother.

She married Nelson Price around 1924 and is listed as Eva Price afterwards. The Pittsburgh Courier called their wedding “the social event of the season“.

She was an active early member of the Negro Welfare League, later Urban League, from at least 1918, serving on the Executive Board. She was part of the NJ Colored Nurses Association.

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