Esther K Untermann


First woman secretary of the Newark Civil Defense Council (1953-1962, gained international recognition, works produced for radio and TV) and first woman to be named a judge (police judge) in Essex County. Organized the first eight chapters of B’nai B’rith. Active on behalf of United Jewish Appeal and lifetime member of the Newark Beth Isreal Women’s Auxiliary. President for three terms of the Newark Business and Professional Women’s Club. Taught special education in Newark (Binet). First woman President of the Newark Physical Education Association and fist president and organizer of the Cerebral Palsy League of NJ.

She said, “Doing worthwhile things for others is a tonic. Then you don’t have any time to sit around and feel sorry for yourself and grow old and lonely and bitter.” She was reportedly active in 51 organizations.

Upon her death the Ledger called her “first lady of Essex”.


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