Lillian B Huff Stewart


Social writer, social editor of the New Jersey Herald News in Newark. Reporter who covered all kinds of stories according to Robert Queen. He says she was working as a waitress when she began to write for the Herald. On the 1930 census she is listed (at age 23) as a private family nurse. In 1940, she’s listed as a newspaper reporter. In 1939 she interviewed Mary McLeod Bethune.

She wrote the “All Around” Column” in the Herald. She’s also listed as a hostess at Hughe Allison’s play “Midnight Over Newark” in 1941. She was then made the New Jersey Representative for the Afro American in 1942. Her day job was likely at the VA, as in 1946 she had to move as she was “transferred to the Veteran’s Administration office in Philadelphia”. She was a bookkeeper for over 50 years and a member of the NAACP in Union, living much of her life in Vauxhall and New York.

A Lillian Huff of about the same age is listed in the Seneca tribe in New York through 1924 (and not on any other census). She appears at the Thomas Indian School in 1920. This may not be the right person but it’s an interesting possibility.

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