Sally (Sara) E. Cooke Young


Born and raised in Newark. 1924 graduate of Central High. Lived at 169 Norfolk St when she graduated Central. Her father Ambrose was listed on the census as a book author. She was the Daily News secretary at Central High. In 1941, she was on the advisory committee for Hughe Allison’s Midnight Over Newark.

Legal name Sarah but wrote under Sally including “Sally’s Chatterings” column. Editor and columnist for the New Jersey Herald News, Afro American and Club World.

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She was corresponding secretary of the National Association of Media Women. Was on the board of the Leaguers and past president of the chapter of the National Council of Negro Women (listed as their national historian in 1974). She worked for the Veterans Administration as secretary to the chief of social services. She was also associated with Lamda Kappa Mu. She was also an officer of the Business and Industrial Coordinating Council. Addonizio picked her for a commissioner of the Rehabilitation and Neighborhood Conservation Commission just before her death.

1924 ‘Pivot’ Yearbook

Newark Library photo late 1960s
Newark Library photo late 1960s


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Digitized material from Newark Library (New Jersey Herald News and Club World are also available on this site)

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1924 Central High Yearbook

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