Jennie Precker


Jennie Precker founded the nation’s first woman’s bank the Susan B. Anthony Building & Loan Association. It was the first bank in the world whose officers, directors, counsel & staff were all female! It was founded in 1923. The bank was founded at 1186 Raymond Blvd and named after Susan B. Anthony. The bank was eventually acquired by Carteret Savings & Loan in 1978 and she was put on the Board.

Born in NY, but in Newark by 1900 and graduated from Morton Street School in 1908, where she was chosen for a recital at the graduation.

She attended the New Jersey State Normal School (graduated 1914) and New Jersey Law School and passed the bar in 1922, serving as a Newark lawyer for many years, and receiving a Masters from NYU in 1951. She was counsel to the NJ Women’s Republican Club, in which capacity she helped to pass the Uniform Divorce Bill, assuring women got equal shares in divorces.

She was appointed head of Lillian Feickert’s Senate campaign in 1928. She received the Salvation Army service award in in 1975 for her long work with the organization. She was also active in the Newark YM/YWHA, the National Association of Woman Lawyers” and active on behalf of women’s rights, advocating for the Equal Rights Amendment.

She said, “Women deserve the right to be successful on the basis of their own ability. I’m proud of such women.”


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