Brenda Estelle Ray Moryck


Black writer and social activist born in Newark. Worked with Newark Bureau of Charities. She published short stories, essays, and book reviews in national journals and magazines. Photo from Wellesley College. At the time of her graduation from Wellesley in 1916 her address was 61 Kearny (31 Kearney seems to be the correct address) Street. She attended Miller Street School and Barringer High under the name “Estelle Moryck”

William Ashby wrote, “John Moryck [owned] a saloon on Academy Street. He lived on Kearney Street. Moryck had an unusual daughter, Brenda. She graduated from Barringer High School, and won a scholarship at Wellsley College, certainly the first Negro girl from Newark to attend a prestigious white school.”

In 1925, she was featured in Opportunity Magazine when she won second prize in a contest. She said she’d been writing since age 6. She taught at Armstrong Technical High in Washington DC. She wrote several articles in this year of Opportunity including in Aug 1925 a Point of View column that was widely quoted.

She married twice and had a daughter and a foster daughter. She was active in the NAACP, Wellesley Club and other groups.

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Opportunity 1925


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