Esther K Untermann

1896-1989 First woman secretary of the Newark Civil Defense Council (1953-1962, gained international recognition, works produced for radio and TV) … More

Kitty (Kearney) V. Taylor

1926-2008 Attended Charlton Street School and South Side High. Senior citizen activist and radio host on WNJR with “The Kitty … More

Pearl Beatty

1936-2019 Active in the Urban League, NACCP, organizing for JFK and the March on Washington. Attended Morton St. School and … More

Dolores Collins Benjamin

1913-2007 Founded the North Jersey Philharmonic Glee Club. Founded in her Newark, N.J. home in 1939, the all-male African-American choral … More

Lillian B Huff Stewart

1909-2007 Social writer, social editor of the New Jersey Herald News in Newark. Reporter who covered all kinds of stories … More

Dr. Meta Anderson

c. 1889-1942 Dr. Meta Anderson was the director of Special Education for the Newark Public Schools from 192 until 1942 … More

Estrella Alonso Martinez

1924-1998 Lifelong Newark resident, daughter of Spanish immigrants. With her husband Antonio, founded what they claim was the first Spanish … More

Marie E Gonzalez

c. 1915-2006 Came to the US in 1929 and Newark in 1940. Called the “Puerto Rican Mayoress of Newark”. Chief … More

Harriet Stratemeyer Adams

1892-1982 Wrote over 200 books over her literary career, including the plot outlines for many Nancy Drew books. Took over … More

Lilian McNamara Garis

1873-1954 Wrote for the Newark News in charge of “Women’s Work”, their first female reporter. Married Howard Garis and wrote … More

Loraine White

c. 1947 In 1980, said to be the first Black woman to become a high school football coach in the … More

Elizabeth Burke Del Tufo

1933- Head of the Newark Preservation and Landmarks Committee. Newark Historian. Known for her tours of Newark. In 1980, first … More

Jeannette Gilder

1849-1916 Worked in the editorial department of the Newark Morning Register and worked for the Newark Registrar of deeds. Wrote … More

Diane Sutton

1941-2001 Co-owned Je’s Restaurant. The first restaurant in Downtown Newark founded by people of color. Mayor Sharpe James called her … More

Marie Foster Whigham

1923-2006 Helped her husband Charles Whigham to found Citi National Bank and Whigham Funeral Home. Mayor Sharpe James called her … More

Amaelia Steward

1915-2001 Owned Steward’s Restaurant and Peppermint Lounge. Self-made millionaire. Bibliography Kukla, Barbara J. Newark Women: From Suffragettes to the Statehouse. … More

Grace Murphy

1882-1966 Founded Murphy Funeral Home on Roseville Avenue and operated it until her death. Her obituary listed her as one … More

Mae Muldrow

1909 -1977 Owned LaVogue Beauty Salon. Nationally known and active with the Cordelia Greene Johnson Foundation (scholarships for beauticians). She … More

Ella Moncur

1919-1999 Wife of jazz artist, owned the Theatrical Beauty Salon in Newark. Later retired to Florida and taught there. Image … More

Emma Coleman

1864-1935 Ran Coleman National Business College in Newark after the death of her husband in 1903. Bibliography NJ Women’s Project, … More

Jennie Caputo

1918-1996 Gymnast who competed in the 1936 Olympics. Married name Pascuzzi. Entered into the Newark Athletic Hall of Fame 1992. … More

Sally Carroll

1922-2019 One of the first Black policewomen along with Rhoda Daniels and Eleanor M. Stokes . Actively involved with the … More

Hannah (Burnet) Kinney

1761-1862 Helped found the Newark Female Charitable Society in 1803 and served as president. “A star in the social world … More

Hannah Mandeville

1811-1902 Born into slavery, one of the first members of the African American Plane St. Church and active in the … More

Emma Ward Edwards

1845-1896 Emma Ward Edwards was one of the first woman doctors in NJ. Born in Newark, she graduated valedictorian of … More

Amina Baraka

1942- Amina Baraka is an American poet, actress, author, community organizer, singer, dancer, and activist. She graduated from Arts High … More

Clara L Scudder

1874-1930 Clara L Scudder was very accomplished on the piano and organ. She learned from her father David Scudder who … More

Amanda Douglas

1831-1916 Children’s author who wrote over 50 books and lived on Summer Ave. Born in NYC but moved to Newark … More

Augusta Parsonnet

1870-1949 President, Women’s Political Union of New Jersey; President, League of Women Voters of Newark. Lived in Weequahic and Lincoln … More

Mary Mapes Dodge

1831-1905 Children’s author best known for Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates. Born in Newark and lived there for many … More

Alice Bunce

1893-1970 Alice E. Bunce was the first African American woman to graduate from the New Jersey College of Pharmacy in … More

Mildred Preen

1919-1979 Mildred Preen, graduate of West Side High in Newark was the first woman to graduate in Electrical Engineering at … More

Mabel Irene Gilman

c. 1897?-1943 Miss Mabel Irene Gilman who lived on Clinton Ave., was the first female detective appointed by Essex County … More

Mary C. Woody

c. 1877-1966 Mary C. Woody became the first licensed female funeral director in NJ in Newark in 1913. She opened … More

Adelaide Wilson

1901 or 1902 – ? Adelaide Wilson was raised in Newark and worked as a reporter. In 1922 she hiked … More

Miriam Studley

1899-1984 Miriam Studley headed our Charles F. Cummings NJ Information Center for many years and wrote a feature for the … More

GiGi Foushee

1947-1997 GiGi Foushee was a Newark police officer, county detective, head Newark’s ABC department, deputy mayor & first African-American woman … More

Gladys Grauer

1923-2019 Artist, launched the Aard Studio Gallery in Newark in 1972. Also ran for office with the Socialist Workers Party … More

Mary McKeon

1913-1997 Mary McKeon was the first woman president of the NJ Associations of Life Underwriters and the Newark-NJ Association of … More

Zelma Mitchell Collins

1932- Zelma Collins was the first black teacher at South 17th Street School in 1952 and rose to principal! Later, … More

Rebecca Andrade Doggett

1941- Founder of Tri City People’s Corp. First Director of the Essex County Office of Citizen’s Services, the founding Executive … More

Larrie West Stalks

1925-2015 Larrie Stalks was Essex County Register from 1974-1994. Stalks became  Executive Secretary of the Newark Planning Board in 1962. … More

Mildred Crump

1938- Mildred Crump was Newark’s first African American councilwoman and first female council President. She was also the first African … More

Barbara J Kukla

1940- Barbara Kukla was a reporter for the Star Ledger for 37 years. She has written many books on historical … More

Marion Bolden

1946- Marion Bolden was superintendent of the Newark Public Schools from 1999-2008. She was born in Newark and is a … More

Mollie Dawkins

1908-1984 Mollie Dawkins was co-organizer of the Dawkins Civic Association, worked for the Housing Authority and worked with South Side … More

Cecil I Dorrian

1882-1926 Cecil I. Dorrian (1882-1926) was a war reporter for the Newark News (WWI). She wrote a weekly column and … More

Bernice Cross

c. 1918-2011 Bernice Cross worked at the Star Ledger all her life (from 1939). She coordinated several sections of the … More

Nellie Grier

c. 1900-1984 Mrs. Nellie Grier, who was known as “Mother Grier” in Newark, founded and directed the senior center on … More

Melinda Scott

1876-1954 Melinda Scott was an English immigrant and President of a Hat Trimmers Union in Newark & worked for suffrage … More

Grace Baxter Fenderson

1882-1962 Grace Baxter Fenderson (1882-1962) was one of the first African American teachers in the Newark Public Schools and taught … More

Etta Fallon

1880-1960 Etta Fallon was the first women policewoman with Margaret Dugan and Justina Eller in 1918 and they were the … More

Leila Gardner

1914-1993 Leila Gardner was executive director of the Newark Traveler’s Aid Society. She was the first African-American in the nation … More

Pryno B Hillman

c. 1916-1964 Pryno B. Hillman (c. 1916-1963) founded the Mary Bethune Social Club, was an organizing and creative director of … More

Sarah Kussy

1870-1956 Sarah Kussy was a prolific Jewish leader. She helped found many Jewish orgs. in Newark and nationally. In Newark, … More

Pansy L Borders

1906-1978 Pansy L. Borders (1906-1978) was the first director of Child Guidance for the Newark Board of Ed and served … More

Amelia (Berndt) Moorfield

1876-1950 Amelia (Berndt) Moorfield (1876-1950), was a suffragette from Newark, with the Women’s Political Union. Her parents were German immigrants. … More

Maria DeCastro Blake

1911-2011 Maria DeCastro Blake (1911-2011) was a dean of admissions at Rutgers and recruited hundreds of Hispanic students. She was … More

Marie Anderson Bagby

1925-2003 Marie Bagby (1925-2003) was a teacher starting in 1944, and eventually principal at Barringer, West Side and University High … More

Delores Alexander

1931-2008 Lesbian feminist writer and reporter Delores Alexander (1931-2008), born in Newark and worked for the Newark News. Later she … More

Golden Johnson

1903-1984 Golden Johnson was the first black woman to serve as a Newark municipal court judge. She grew up in … More

Elvira Rodrigues

1918-1985 Elvira Rodrigues (left) co-owned an oil firm. She was a community leader in the Ironbound, leader in many Portuguese … More

Eurlee Wright Reeves

c. 1898- after. 1988 Eurlee Reeves (center) was Newark’s only female night club owner in the Swing Era. She founded … More

Vera Brantley McMillon

1909-1987 Vera McMillon worked for the Public Welfare Department for 37 years retiring as a Supervisor, co-founded Tri City People’s … More

Emily Coe Jenkinson

1855-1922 Emily (Coe) Jenkinson (d. 1922) served as president of the Newark YWCA for more than 20 years. The Sunday … More

Gladys Churchman

1902-1974 Gladys Churchman ran the Friendly Neighborhood House, as well as being part of the Churchman Funeral Home. She was … More

Sophie L Cooper

1912-1971 Sophie L. Cooper was Newark’s first elected councilwoman, in the South Ward from 1957-1962. Photo from Newark Public Library. … More

Louise Epperson

1908-2002 Louise Epperson was key in the protests against UMDNJ in the 1960s & helped negotiate the Medical School Agreements. … More

Katherine Coffey

1900-1972 Katherine Coffey was director of the Newark Museum from 1949-1968. During her tenure she expanded education programs and programs … More

Bernice Bass

1926-2000 Bernice Bass (right) had a major presence in the city’s music, radio, & political scenes. She had a Sunday … More

Beatrice Winser

1869-1947 Beatrice Winser was director of the Newark library and museum from 1929-1942 (only female library director until Wilma Grey!). … More

Mrs. (Lena) Parker O. Griffith

c. 1880-1960 Mrs. (Lena) Parker O. Griffith (c. 1880-1960) created the Griffith Music Foundation which brought nationally recognized musicians to … More

Hilda Hidalgo

1928-2009 Hilda Hidalgo (second from right) was a Newark activist. In Newark, she co-founded Aspira of New Jersey, La Casa … More

Camille Sabie

1902-1998 Camille Sabie won two gold medals in the 1922 World Games and later became a physical education teacher. Branford … More

Dr. E. Mae McCarroll

1898-1990 Dr. E Mae McCarroll was the first American American physician at Newark City Hospital in 1946. She said she … More

E. Alma Williams Flagg

1918-2018 Alma Flagg was the first African American principal of an integrated school in Newark in 1964, in 1967 she … More

Louise Shugard

1870-1951 Louise Shugard was known as “the most prominent woman in Newark”. She worked with the Red Cross, Colored Free … More

Jennie Precker

1892-1981 Jennie Precker founded the nation’s first woman’s bank the Susan B. Anthony Building & Loan Association. It was the … More

Dr. Marie Louise Lefort

1874-1951 Newark native Dr Marie Lefort was the first woman appointed district physician for Newark from 1898-1902, significantly improving conditions … More

Jennie Levell Lemon

1913-1982 Married to Tom Lemon in Newark in 1950. Listed as a waitress in 1930, and a WPA Investigator on … More

Dora G Roworth

1885-1962 Dora G Roworth was the 1st woman to get a CPA license in the NJ in 1909. She was … More

Mary Beasley Burch

1906-2001 Mary Beasley Burch founded the Leaguers non-profit focused on the development of African American youth & was the first … More

Emily Miles

1910-1999 Fashion designer. Known for her hats and for frequent fashion shows in Newark. Image from: Newark Library. Bibliograpjy  “History … More

Musette Brooks Gregory

1876-1921 Musette Gregory was a suffragist and activist. She was a leader in the Urban League of Newark and Vice … More

H. Blanche Harris

1878-1956 (Thanks to George Robb who did much research on Harris). Blanche Harris was active in the suffrage movement in … More

Elsa Rehmann

1886-1946 Sister of Antoinette Perrett. Landscape architect. 492 Mt. Prospect Ave. Bibliography Cultural Landscape Foundation Census documents

Antoinette Rehmann Perrett

1880-1952 Garden photographer and magazine writer. Wrote for national publications. Sister of Elsa Rehmann. 492 Mt. Prospect Ave. Graduated Newark … More

Josephine Lawrence

1889-1978 Newark Sunday Call Children’s and Household Editor. Newark News Women’s Page Editor and Weekly Columnist. Wrote over 100 children’s … More

Louise Scott

1927-1983 Founder of the Scott School of Beauty Culture. Known as Newark’s first Black woman millionaire. Scott was married briefly … More

Dorothea H Wingert

1905-1990 Started writing for Newark newspapers in her teens. Wrote dozens of articles for a series on business and professional … More

Brenda Estelle Ray Moryck

1894-1949 Black writer and social activist born in Newark. Worked with Newark Bureau of Charities. She published short stories, essays, … More

Florence Haines

1869-1955 Secretary of the New Jersey Women’s Political Union Charter Member of the Newark League of Women Voters New Jersey … More

Louise Bullock

1910-1974 Louise Bullock graduated from the University of Newark’s College of Arts & Sciences in 1937. She may be the … More

Effa Manley

1897-1981 Effa Manley owned the Newark Eagles, championship winning Negro Leagues team with her husband Abraham Manley. She was very … More

Sarah Vaughan

1924-1990 Sarah Vaughan described as having “one of the most wondrous voices of the 20th century.” Vaughan grew up in … More

Clara Maas

1876-1901 Clara Maas was one of the first graduates of Newark German Hospital and was named head nurse at 21. … More

Maria Jeritza

1887-1982 Renowned Czech soprano Maria Jeritza lived in #newarknj Forest Hill from 1948 until her death in 1982. Her rapid … More

Caroline Bamberger Fuld

1864-1944 Caroline Bamberger Fuld, sister of Louis, helped found famed Newark store Bamberger & Co. She devoted her later life … More

Marie Siconolfi Villani

1921-2021 Marie Villani was the first women in Newark elected to citywide office. She served as Councilwoman from 1973-1993. Lived … More